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We adopted the Outside-In approach to revenue generation and it gave us a highly effective and scientific way to approach the market and sell. The process is now repeatable, scalable and predictable.
Rick Ferreira
Rick Ferreira
COO, Ascent Medical
We were able to save years of what would have been trial and error in the field, by using the Outside-In process to define the customer's buying journey across several of our target markets and then to facilitate our go-to-market strategies.
Andrew Hollman
Andrew Hollman
Chief Commercial Officer,
Martyn’s approach to mapping the customer’s buying journey enabled us to implement a highly effective approach to sales across our organization. Everyone is now talking the same language and is coordinated around our sales and marketing investments.
Paul Kellenberger
Paul Kellenberger
CEO, zSpace

For organizations that would like to discover more about How Customers Buy…& Why They Don’t and the Outside-In Revenue Generation approach, we offer a series of services.

These services range from speeches to workshops that enable you to leverage the research behind the book and apply it to your own situation. From entertaining and insightful keynote speeches to intense and highly interactive workshops, discover how you can apply the principles in the book to massively and positively impact your own revenue generation.

For those wishing a deeper dive into the topic, Martyn Lewis’s consulting company, Market-Partners offers a full range of consulting services from mapping specific customer buying journeys and developing sales and marketing approaches to training sales professionals in Outside-In Selling.

Speeches and Key Notes

We can work with you to tailor a speech for any audience, from small gatherings at meetings to large crowds at conventions. Our speeches are both entertaining and insightful with many real-life examples and always a focus on the practical takeaways that can make an immediate impact.

Examples of our speeches include:

How Customers Buy…& Why They Don’t

  • What is a Customer Buying Journey (CBJ)?
  • The difference between window shopping and buying
  • Decoding the Customer Buying Journey DNA
  • What really happens when customers buy… and why they don’t
  • The 4Q quadrant model of Buying Style
  • The nine categories of Buying Concerns

The 7 Sales Myths, and What to Do About Them

  • Calling high and finding the decision maker
  • Mistaking interest for commitment
  • The power of the ROI
  • Customers buying when no one is selling
  • Sellers selling when no one is buying
  • Relying on the internal champion or coach
  • Failing to manage the entire buying journey

The Critical Need for a Market Engagement Strategy

  • The mousetrap myth
  • Great sales people are not enough
  • What is a market anyway?
  • Where great brands go to die
  • The executive must own the Market Engagement Strategy
  • How the Market Engagement Strategy dictates the values and priorities of the brand


We offer a series of workshops, ranging from a few hours to a few days. Our workshops our highly interactive and participants will walk away with personalized takeaways and can be customized to meet the needs of a specific organization. The Outside-In Workshops focus on bringing the approaches that are documented in the book to entrepreneurs, sales and marketing professionals. The RapidBuild Workshops are more focused on enabling organizations to swiftly map and manage their own market’s Customer Buying Journey DNA

Outside-In Workshops

Business Strategy Based on How Your Customers Buy

  • 3rd Generation of Customer Buying
  • The dramatic changes in how customers buy
  • Decoding your market’s Customer Buying Journey DNA
  • The critical importance of managing the end-to-end buying journey
  • Outside-In Revenue Generation
  • Developing your own Outside-In Revenue Generation approaches

Outside-In Revenue Generation for Marketing Professionals

  • Decoding your market’s Customer Buying Journey DNA
  • Developing you market engagement strategy
  • Matching value propositions to value drivers
  • Overcoming the buying concerns
  • Precision marketing

Outside-In Revenue Generation for Sales Teams

  • The Outside-In Revenue Generation Approach
  • Decoding your own market’s buying journey DNA
  • Supporting and navigating your customer through their end-to-end buying journey
  • Selling past interest to commitment
  • Managing the matrix of decision influencers
  • Overcoming the buying concerns

RapidBuild Workshops

Our RapidBuild Workshops, offered through Market-Partners Inc, enable organizations to map and manage the Customer Buying Journey DNA. These workshops are both intense and very hands-on. For this reason, we restrict the number of participants to eight. We facilitate the workshop using several progressive collaboration and synthesis approaches and tools. The results of the workshop are fully documented and presented to the customer within a week of the workshops conclusion. Workshops are also preceded with a number of research interviews and briefing sessions that we conduct with each organization.  Each workshop generally takes a day to facilitate and complete.

Mapping the Customer Buying Journey DNA

  • Define the market and the distinguishing features of the target customers
  • Determine the triggers and dependencies of a Customer Buying Journey
  • Define and sequence all the customer activities along the end-to-end buying journey
  • Categorize the key players and the relative involvement across the buying journey
  • Determine the buying style
  • Determine and rank the value drivers
  • Consider the nine categories of buying concerns and determine which apply, and specifically how, across the buying journey
  • Customer Buying Journey Map
  • Market insights

Crafting the Market Engagement Strategy

  • Business Goals
  • Harmonizing to the buying style
  • Triggering or engaging in the Customer Buying Journey
  • Mapping value propositions to value drivers
  • Staying engaged and ensuring positive progress through the buying journey
  • Overcoming the friction in the buying journey
  • Market Engagement Strategy
  • Critical Success Factors

Outside-In Marketing

  • Introduction to Precision Marketing
  • Determine core messages or themes
  • Matching messages to the value drivers
  • Matching messages to the buying concerns
  • Mapping messages to key players
  • Determining the relative power of the messages
  • Determining possible delivery vehicles
  • Mapping delivery vehicles to key players
  • Mapping delivery vehicles to step of the buying journey
  • Heat map illustrating relevance of message to step of the buying journey
  • Summary of the relative power of key messages and themes
  • Communication matrix
    • Key messages
    • Key players
    • Delivery vehicles
    • Steps of the buying journey

Outside-In Selling

  • The new definition for the role of sales
  • Selling activities to trigger or engage in the buying journey
  • Optimal selling activities of the buying journey
  • Sales activities that meet the four sales imperatives
  • Stage-gated exit criteria for each step in the buying journey
  • Developing the CBJ Navigator™
  • Customer Buying Journey Map
  • Implementation Plan and Critical Success Factors
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