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Martyn R. Lewis

Martyn R. Lewis

Published ARTICLES by Martyn R. Lewis

Fast Forward. The World Transformed.

A Special Interview with Martyn Lewis

INTERVIEW with Mary Windishar about the book

Part I

  • What’s the book all about
  • Why don’t better mousetraps sell
  • The disconnect from selling to buying
  • What is a buying journey and managing it
  • How to discover how your customers buy
  • The genesis of this approach
  • The background on donating royalties to the Sonoma Resilience Fund
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Part 2

  • Changing the way you sell, why and how?
  • The #1 myth – buyers don’t buy based on simply logic and economics
  • The purpose of a business
  • The Market Engagement Strategy
  • Gaining radically different results
  • How are we employing our own thinking to our own marketing
  • Changing the focus to Outside-In
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Part 3

  • How buying has changed
  • The third generation of buying
  • Sales losing control of the buyer
  • The disconnect between the sales and buying process
  • The need for each business to develop their own Market Engagement Strategy
  • Starting, or engaging in, and then positively managing the buying journey
  • Only a fool wouldn’t buy – really?
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Part 4

  • Sales person or customer creator
  • The buyer’s world
  • Shifting the focus from what a customer is buying and why to how they buy and why the don’t
  • Defining the market as customers who would buy a particular offering in a similar way
  • Why do people buy what they do from where they do
  • The 4-Quadarnt approach to defining markets
  • What to do when customers don’t buy
  • Matching the science to the art of selling

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How Customers Buy…& Why They Don’t:

AVAILABILITY: The Workbook should be available in the 4th quarter of 2018.
Use the Contact page to tick to be notified upon the release of the How Customers Buy…& Why They Don’t Workbook.

How Customers Buy Workbook

As a companion to the book How Customers Buy…& Why They Don’t we offer a Workbook. The Workbook follows both Part 1 and Part 2 of the book leading the reader through mapping a particular market’s Customer Buying Journey, including decoding all six stands of the DNA, and then the five elements of developing the Market Engagement Strategy. The Workbook offers practical advice and step by step instructions including tips and traps for each stage of the process.

The Wordbook also comes with software that enables the buying journey and the market engagement strategy to be easily developed and documented. The software provides a click by click and menu driven approach to mapping the Customer Buying Journey and developing an effective Market Engagement Strategy

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