Martyn Lewis

Martyn R. Lewis is an acclaimed business professional with a vast background in all aspects of revenue generation. In the mid-90s, he started his own company, Market-Partners Inc. ( interacting with many clients and most importantly with their customers. He consults globally with start-ups to industry giants and his work has been used across 44 countries in 17 languages impacting over 85,000 sales professionals.

Book Interview by Martin Zwilling on Inc Magazine

Martyn Lewis’ new book, How Customers Buy…& Why They Don’t, is reviewed on Inc Magazine online by Martin Zwilling under the article title, “6 Elements of Today’s Customer Buying Journey That Can Make or Break Your Business If you are still focusing on selling, rather than how your customers are buying today, you may be missing …

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The Entrepreneur’s Curse

The entrepreneur can be defined as someone with a vision; someone who is willing to attempt the marshalling of resources that will transform that vision into a viable business reality. At the top of the list of characteristics for such a person is a total belief in their vision, an unfailing commitment to the myriad …

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Solving the Wrong Problem

I have found that when companies don’t get the traction they would like to get in their market, most of them start to question their go-to-market approach – their messaging, their positioning. The sales force is often put under the microscope. Are they are presenting the product correctly, are they showing prospects the real value …

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The End of Sales Process

In today’s world, following a sales process is more trouble than its worth. For those who know me, that headline may send you reeling. But before you think that I’m abandoning process, read on. Sales Process comes from the days when selling started to get more complex. It was around the late 1940’s when companies …

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